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Rosti Metal

Solid Edge 

Business challenges 

  • Staying up-to-date with the latest design trends 
  • Integrating traditional blacksmithing techniques with modern CNC manufacturing techniques 

Keys to success 

  • Implementation of Solid Edge Software for design 
  • Strong technical support from Siemens Digital Industries Software partner Ultimate Partner


  • Reduced product design & development time 
  • Visually render designs for stakeholder communication 

A blacksmith forge creating bespoke décor and architectural creations.

Changing the paradigm of design with Solid Edge

‘Solid Edge is being used to redevelop forging techniques to speak to modern architecture and décor trends,’ says Jonathan Stipinovich, owner of Rosti Metal, a decorative blacksmith forge in South Africa. 

Established in 1979, the forge made a name for itself in the 1990s and early 2000s crafting gates, balustrading, lighting and other architectural and décor items. In this period, residence styles were dominated by adaptions of Tuscan and Provencal architecture. Joseph Stipinovich, founder of Rosti Metal, used 2D drawings and sketches to create designs for customers. While the 2D drawings have become a trademark of the forge and something they do not want to lose, in recent years curves and curls have been replaced by straight, clean lines, prompting Rosti Metal to add different designs to their repertoire.

To redefine their style, Rosti Metal were introduced to Solid Edge for Startups from Siemens Digital Industries Software. ‘Vintage manufacturing techniques are now being connected to modern computer numerical control (CNC) manufacturing techniques. This allows for blacksmithing to remain relevant and competitive’, says Jonathan Stipinovich.

'Solid Edge gave me the confidence to start my business during the toughest of times.'

Productivity designs and time savings

Solid Edge is helping Rosti Metal to keep up with changing architectural and décor styles. It is a portfolio of easy-to learn, easy-to-use software tools that address all aspects of the product development process–CAD design and rendering, simulation, manufacturing, data management and more. This enables Rosti Metal to easily and effectively create contemporary designs that appeal to their changing market by combining forging methods with computer aided design to visually render designs that appeal to their customers.

The advanced capabilities of Solid Edge have enabled Rosti Metal to explore new design possibilities and improve the design, manufacturing and quality of their products. It has given the team the opportunity to expand their capabilities to create new, contemporary décor objects, such as modern grates and screens for fireplaces. 

Advanced CAD capabilities for design and development

Solid Edge makes it possible for Rosti Metal to complete by making blacksmithing techniques compatible with modern CNC manufacturing techniques. A big design challenge faced by Rosti Metal is that they used to subcontract electronic file formats, such as drawing successful, and often laser cut parts were modified and fettled to be more aesthetically suitable, costing time and money. Solid Edge has enabled faster turnaround time of product development through automatic generation of DXF files for laser cutting. Solid Edge has therefore been key in reducing the turnaround time of laser cutting and bending.  

Bringing ideas to life with Keyshot

According to Stipinovich, one aspect of Solid Edge that has made a big difference to their business is the ability to render designs in Keyshot. This allows them to create photo realistic images of their images of their products with an identical studio feel that will help springboard them into the new e-commerce era of business. It allows for quick visualization of designs and better collaboration with architects, interior designers, and decorators.

‘Touching and feeling of products is now less important than before, and Keyshot’s rendering capabilities within Solid Edge will help us achieve that goal’, says Stipinovich.   

Solving design challenges

Rosti Metal has solved numerous design challenges for clients in various industries. During the Covid-19 pandemic faced by the world in 2020, they developed a unique hand sanitizing machine, which they designed, prototyped, and developed a batch of in less than five working days. In the words of Stipinovich, ‘this could only have been done with Solid Edge’. 

However, they did not want to make a sanitizer machine, which they designed, prototyped, and developed a batch of in less than five working days. In the words of Stipinovich, ‘this could only have been done with Solid Edge’. 

However, they did not want to make a santizer machine just for the sake of making one. The machine is an ode to Rube Goldberg, an American cartoonist, sculptor, and engineer famous for depicting complicated gadgets performing simple tasks. The machine has levers and toggles and springs that give it a unique and interesting look, but if you look beyond the surface, there is an ingenious design. The machine is operated by foot to minimize contract, and the sanitizer bottle has been turned horizontal, with a tiny weight applied to the end of the suction tube inside the sanitizer bottle. This allows customers to sanitize easily and contact-free and avoids sanitizer wastage. 

Sanitise machine
Hand sanitising machine designed, prototyped and developed in less than five days using Solid Edge.

Solid support from Ultimate Partner

Rosti Metal relies on Siemens Digital Industries Software solution partner Ultimate Partner. ‘I really appreciate Ultimate Partner checking in on me regularly,’ says Stipinovich. ‘They have not only provided Solid Edge support but have taken a genuine interest in my “start-up” business.’ 

In the future, Rosti Metal looks forward to expanding its product range with the help of Solid Edge. They plan on utilising the family of part systems within Solid Edge to grow their blacksmithing business by generating a family of contemporary interior and exterior decor objects.

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