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Zel X

The Power of Zel X in Your Digital Transformation Journey

Embark on your digital transformation with Zel X, a comprehensive suite of software tools from Siemens designed to streamline your business processes. This all-in-one solution covers everything from collaboration, mechanical design, simulation, manufacturing, to operations. Zel X offers a user-friendly, cost-effective, and web-based application, making it accessible to small businesses, enabling them to access essential features precisely when they’re required.

What makes Zel X a compelling choice?

Zel X is designed to enhance your chances of winning proposals and to increase customer satisfaction. It achieves this by reducing manufacturing errors, cutting down on engineering time, and minimizing IT expenses through cost-effective software solutions. With Zel X, you can conveniently access CAD, CAM, CAE, MRP, and RFQ tools via a user-friendly browser-based application.

Effortless deployment, universal access.

You can quickly use this web-based solution on any device, and improvements are seamlessly integrated into the product without the need for costly and time-consuming upgrades.

Affordable functional access.

Why spend extra on overly complicated and resource-heavy tools? Opt for user-friendly features that suit your business needs, all without the additional expenses of hardware and IT maintenance.

integrated tools

Scalable integrated tools

Zel X offers a comprehensive solution that eliminates the need to purchase multiple individual tools. This results in reduced administrative tasks and a smoother integration process.

Explore Zel X for your industry.

Zel X for Machine Shops

Enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your machine shop's contract part manufacturing procedures.

zel x for component manufacturers

Zel X for Component Manufacturers

Boost the growth of your contract manufacturing business specializing in component production by utilizing tailor-made software designed to enhance your sales engineering efforts.

Get Started with Zel X Trial: Instant Access to Professional Toolsets

All the essentials tailored to perfectly suit the scale of your business.

Discover how even small businesses can embrace digital transformation to expand their operations and enhance their success through the use of Zel X. With Zel X, users can access cloud-based tools directly through their web browsers, allowing for quick and hassle-free solutions that deliver rapid results and added value to their businesses.

Safeguard your data on the go

You’ll have 500 gigabytes of storage available right off the bat, and for each license you have, you’ll get an extra 5 gigabytes. This storage can be used collectively by your team, making it easy to share even the biggest files no matter where you are. You can access this storage through your web browser on any device, whether you’re in the office, at home, or working at a customer’s location. Plus, with Siemens as your provider, you can be confident that security is our primary concern, so your data will be well-protected.

Begin immediately without the need for any hardware or IT expenditures

Accessing Zel X through a web browser allows you to quickly reach the necessary tools using your current front office devices, such as Windows PCs, Chromebooks, MacBooks, iPads, Androids, iPhones, and tablets. You can receive software updates instantly without requiring assistance from your IT department.

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