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Solid Edge Fundamentals Bundled with Surfacing & Sheetmetal

The Solid Edge Fundamentals Bundled with Surfacing & Sheetmetal course is designed to empower users with new concepts and design tools in multiple environments.

Participants will engage with the fundamentals of part modelling, assembly modelling, surfacing and sheetmetal design through instructor-led presentations and discussions. The techniques and theory discussed in the training will be practically applied through activities in Solid Edge.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to understand and utilise Solid Edge tools in multiple environments to effectively overcome real-world design problems. 

Course Agenda

This training contains in-depth coverage of the assembly environment within Solid Edge, including: 


  • Sketching
  • Constructing base features
  • Moving and rotating faces
  • Working with face relationships
  • Constructing treatment features
  • Constructing procedural features
  • Assembly modelling
  • Modelling synchronous and ordered features
  • Creating detailed drawings

Sheet Metal Design:

  • Sheet metal overview
  • Base Features
  • Contour Flange
  • Flanges, corners and bend relief
  • Hem
  • Using the Design Intent panel in sheet metal
  • Jog
  • Deformation features
  • Emboss features
  • Creating flat patterns
  • Converting sheet metal files
  • Creating blanks

Surface Modeling:

  • Surface modeling overview
  • Creating and editing curves
  • Indirect curve creation techniques
  • Surface creation
  • Surface manipulation tools
  • Curve and surface inspection tools

Who should attend?

Designers and engineers looking to learn the basics of Solid Edge and its interface, and create more generic free form parts utilising surface techniques, as well as production level Sheetmetal components. 

Available dates

Cape Town
12  to 16 April 2021

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