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Improving Machining Productivity with TDM Tool Management Solutions

TDM software solutions enable process optimization in both planning and real production. The core of TDM software, which is key to success, is its central database for tools and items. This database integrates all simulation and manufacturing systems and machines, ensuring a transparent flow of data across all departments. As a result, the shopfloor is digitalized and productivity is significantly increased. TDM Systems offers tool management solutions that meet any production requirements. Their solutions for machining are scalable, allowing for growth and adaptation to the latest developments.

How TDM Software Streamlines Operations and Boosts Efficiency

TDM Systems has been providing machining companies with digital production solutions for more than 25 years. Their TDM tool management solutions enable users to prepare tool data in an application-specific manner and store it centrally in a database. This allows all personnel involved in planning and production to work with the same data, resulting in increased efficiency and cost savings by avoiding duplicate entries or correcting incorrect information. With TDM, users have a comprehensive overview of their operations at all times. Experience the advantages of TDM’s solutions and see for yourself why they are a compelling choice.

Operating data management

Maintain complete visibility over production equipment and locate it instantly!

Shopfloor management

Tools just-in-time at the machine for a more efficient production.


Data and graphic generation

Easy handling of 2D/3D tool graphics and data.

The advantages of TDM tool management solutions

Cost savings

Transparent and consistent tool management can save companies up to 20% on costs. Reducing data by 20% can also lower component costs by 10%. Being organized and open about tool usage can save money, as can reducing data in production.

Less machine downtime

Using TDM software solutions in machining can boost machine efficiency by up to 30%, leading to a potential 10% increase in gross profit with just a 20% increase in machine utilization.

Faster preparation

Providing the right tools to your production staff can improve efficiency, as they can avoid wasting time searching for tools and focus on completing tasks. This can streamline production processes and increase productivity.

Higher quality

When all the processes involved in production are clear and well-coordinated, it leads to consistent and reliable output. This ultimately translates to high-quality end products, which is beneficial in the long run.

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