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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution Tailored for the Industrial Machinery and Equipment Sector

As an Industrial Machinery and Equipment Manufacturer, you face challenges like supply chain uncertainties, outdated systems, and high production demands. To tackle these issues and ensure accurate costing, precise inventory management, and comprehensive quality control, you need an ERP system like SYSPRO’s. Our partnership with SYSPRO provides tailored business solutions that cater specifically to the complexities of your industry, helping you streamline processes and improve operational efficiency.

6 Key Industrial Machinery and Equipment challenges SYSPRO Can help you resolve

Comply with safety regulations

SYSPRO helps you enhance your ability to show that you are following the rules in your main operations. It also allows you to set up different methods of control for thorough record-keeping to match the level of carefulness needed.

Support complex equipment maintenance

MRO, a crucial post-sale service, necessitates detailed records of equipment configurations and maintenance history. SYSPRO's software streamlines order processing for different setups and tracks equipment history, aiding in planning for service and repairs.

Collaborate with customers

Obtain a comprehensive perspective of customers, contracts, and orders by utilizing an integrated CRM system. By doing so, you can surpass customer expectations and enhance profitability by providing more precise quoting. Additionally, effectively handle special customer pricing through this system.

Manage dynamic product schedules

A comprehensive system that combines information, planning, and activity control seamlessly supports the entire production cycle, starting from the initial design phase through procurement, production, and finally, the delivery, installation, and service stages.

Remain profitable in the face of fluctuating costs

Having a clear view of all expenses and earnings throughout the company allows you to promptly pinpoint any problems as they arise. This includes noticing differences between anticipated and real costs for materials and production, delays in deliveries from suppliers, having excessive or outdated inventory, as well as identifying product defects and waste.

Reduce time to market for designs and variations

A rules-based Product Configurator streamlines order-taking, automatically generating detailed factory and purchase orders for customer-specific product configurations. It speeds up inquiries with accurate cost estimates, ensuring precise profitability projections and quotes for both standard and unique orders.

Machinery ERP Software with SYSPRO ERP

  • Enhance the procedures used to handle original equipment manufacturer (OEM) returns, rebates, promotions, and warranty claims.
  • Effortlessly connect with your supply chain collaborators, third-party logistics providers, and customer electronic ordering and supply systems for seamless integration.
  • Enhance your ability to promptly address customer needs across all areas, including design, engineering, and setup.
  • Modernize your business operations by leveraging digital tools to seamlessly connect with and incorporate business partners throughout your supply chain or with various systems, whether they are located on-site or hosted in the cloud.
  • Utilize the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to gain valuable insights, discover hidden trends, and pinpoint unusual occurrences within your business, bringing them to your attention for better understanding and decision-making.
  • Enhance customer happiness by improving the precision of cost estimates and price quoting.

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