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Easy ways to get Ultimate support

Remote desktop access & support

Let our Ultimate Support Team assist you much quicker by downloading TeamViewer. It is a free, safe, all-in-one solution for remote access and support which allows us to assist you remotely. 

Siemens WebKey self service

WebKey account – a must for all

In order to access the web tools and service, you will need to create a WebKey account.

WebKey benefits

A WebKey account allows you to control the username and password used to associate you with your company. Through this authentication scheme, we can control access to services, information and also guarantee the privacy of all customer data. 

What you need for an account

To create a WebKey account you will require a Webkey access code and your Sold-to ID. You can locate this on your licence file.

Request a WebKey account

Enter the information requested to create your account. The system will ask you for your account and password information when you access any of the WebKey-controlled documents or applications.