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Solid Edge Simulation

Powerful simulation functionality embedded inside Solid Edge

Solid Edge simulation software is the key to taking superior products to the market faster and at less cost. The Siemens portfolio of best-in-class simulation software delivers compressed timescales of product development workflows in the creation and testing of the digital twin. Solid Edge Simulation significantly reduces the need for physical prototypes, lowering your material and testing costs and saves design time. The software is based on Femap finite element modelling and Simcenter Nastran technology.

Scalability to Simcenter

The core simulation technologies used in Solid Edge Simulation are based on, and scalable, to the Siemens Simcenter products. This allows you to quickly edit and update geometry from any source. Simcenter Femap can automatically be launched from within Solid Edge. All Solid Edge programs work together in a seamless way to save you time that you can spend on developing new products.

Solid Edge Simulation

Finite element model creation

Boundary condition definition

Results Post Processing

Solving FEA

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