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Product Development

Product Development Software: A complete portfolio

Solid Edge is a portfolio of product development software tools that address all aspects of the product development process. It combines the simplicity and speed of direct modelling with the control and flexibility of parametric design. All made possible with synchronous technology.

3D Design

Make product design faster, accelerate revisions and improve design data re-use. All through the innovative use of synchronous technology by Solid Edge.

Electrical Design

Experience true co-design collaboration and overcome electromechanical design challenges with Solid Edge Electrical Design.


Reduce the time spent in testing products with the reduction in physical prototypes by creating early and accurate simulation of complete models.

Data Management

A true data management solution that ensures data integrity that meets the needs of all manufacturers internationally. A scalable CAD data management solution.

Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)

Solid Edge CAM Pro is a modular, flexible configuration of numerical control (NC) programming solutions.

Additive Manufacturing

Everything you need to 3D print in high quality. Whether you have your own printer or use an additive manufacturing service.

Technical Publications

Let your designers quickly create a wide range of technical documents with Solid Edge Technical Publications.

Cloud-Based Collaboration

Upload any type of 2D or 3D design and organise your CAD files in the cloud with Solid Edge Cloud-Based Collaboration. Also includes online project folders.

2D Drafting

This is a free 2D CAD software from Siemens that you can use across your company or for a specific 2D Design project.

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Solid Edge System Requirements

Solid Edge Portfolio Brochure

Solid Edge System Requirements

Solid Edge Portfolio Brochure

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Interested in Solid Edge?

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