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KISSsoft® provides powerful analysis tools for gear manufacturing

KISSsoft® is a modular calculation program for the design, optimization and verification of machines and machine parts. Used in a wide range of areas: Industrial gearboxes, vehicle construction, bearing and gear manufacturing, precision mechanics, plastics, turbo gearbox manufacturing, wind power, ship-building and further specialist areas. “KISSsoft is a registered trademark of KISSsoft AG”


The gear calculation covers all common types: cylindrical, bevel, worm, crossed helical, hypoid, and face gears. In addition to calculations based on standards...

Shafts and Bearings

The shaft and bearing calculation is fully integrated in KISSsoft®. Among other things, shaft strengths and rating life of bearings are calculated optionally...

Shaft-Hub Connections

When calculating the shaft-hub connections, the system checks whether a connection is valid and whether the pressures occurring remain below the permissible material...


The calculation of bolted joints in KISSsoft® enables verification in addition to VDI 2230 Sheet 1 and proof for bolts with FEM results as described in VDI 2230 Sheet 2.


The most common spring types can be calculated and verified. In order to find a suitable spring for a given load, there are numerous sizing options for individual...

Belts and Chain Drives

KISSsoft® offers a calculation of V-belts and toothed belts according to available standards and calculation guidelines from the manufacturers...

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