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Data Management

A scalable set of data management solutions

Varying the needs of small to large manufacturing organizations who may design simple or very complex products.

The Solid Edge CAD data management solutions enable you to rapidly take the key actions identified by industry analysts that lead to improved product development performance:

  • Secure and control your product data and processes
  • Enable rapid retrieval of the correct information to improve efficiency and facilitate re-use
  • Share products information and collaborate downstream functions such as manufacturing to improve quality and reduce costly errors
  • Follow industry best practices workflows for engineering change and release to manufacturing

Solutions range from integrated data management capabilities that are included with Solid Edge to comprehensive CAD data management and product lifecycle management (PLM) capabilities of Teamcenter. 

Solid Edge Capabilities

Excellent data management capabilities for smaller manufacturers struggling with increasing volumes of CAD files. Backup, share, and synchronize Solid Edge files using popular cloud-based software such as ...

Teamcenter integration for Solid Edge

The Teamcenter Integration for Solid Edge offers product lifecycle management (PLM) capabilities that enables you to capture, manage and share your Solid Edge data to improve the efficiency ...

Teamcenter Rapid Start​

Teamcenter Rapid Start addresses the PDM requirements of small to medium businesses looking to benefit from easy-to-install, easy-to-use, pre-configured data management software.

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