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Three simple steps for using symmetry in FEA

How simplifying your FEA model with symmetry can reduce overall modeling & solving time. 

On-demand Webinar | 30 Minutes

Join Team Ultimate as we take a closer look at using symmetry to streamline your finite element analysis processes. This webinar will explore simple steps you can take to save time generating and solving your models, reduce your overall modeling effort, and increase your FEA efficiency. 


  • What is symmetry? 
  • When should you use symmetry? 
  • Common pitfalls with using symmetry. 
  • Three steps to achieve reliable and consistent symmetry models. 

Who should attend?

  • Anyone looking for alternative ways to overcome their FEA challenges. 
  • Engineering Managers overseeing FEA processes.
  • Design Engineers seeking to better understand the capabilities of FEA


Michael Niebuhr

Michael Niebuhr  |  Application Engineer
Ultimate Partner

Roelof Minnaar

Roelof Minnaar  |  FEA Specialist
Advanced Structural Mechanics

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