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Improve your efficiency and ergonomics!

The SpaceMouse® is the perfect tool for engineers, designers and architects to create 3D designs across various industries. Its intuitive and precise 3D navigation and ergonomic benefits makes any CAD workflow more efficient and easier!

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SpaceMouse® Pro Wireless

Professional 3D navigation, reliable connectivity and advanced ergonomic design with a high-performance Universal Receiver with up to two months of battery life.

SpaceMouse® Wireless

Whether reviewing 3D drawings with colleagues or presenting design ideas in a meeting room, the SpaceMouse® Wireless offers the functionality to navigate efficiently in 3D applications anywhere.

Increase your profitability & productability with SpaceMouse®!

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SpaceMouse® Pro Wireless

Professional 3D Navigation

Advanced Ergonomics

4 Application Command Buttons with On-Screen-Display

4 QuickView Keys with Rotation Lock

4 Keyboard Keys

SpaceMouse® Wireless

Advanced 3D Navigation

Compact Ergonomics

2 programmable Buttons

See how the SpaceMouse® is used to create coffee perfection!

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