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SpaceMouse® Wireless

Enhanced 3D guidance on the go

The contemporary landscape of engineering workspaces has evolved to become more varied, adaptable, and portable. Whether you’re collaborating on 3D blueprints with peers or showcasing design concepts in a conference area, the SpaceMouse Wireless provides you with the capability to navigate through 3D software effortlessly, regardless of your location.

3D Designs with an Engaging Experience.

Utilizing 3Dconnexion's patented 6DoF sensor, effortlessly manipulate digital content and camera angles in leading CAD software. Intuitively pan, zoom, and rotate 3D drawings with the controller cap, freeing your other hand to handle standard mouse tasks like selection and editing.


Both buttons on the SpaceMouse Wireless have their own 3Dconnexion radial menu, allowing you to directly access up to 8 of your preferred commands for various applications. Our 3DxWare 10 software enables you to effortlessly create your own radial menus within seconds or opt for convenient pre-configured options.

*Only with 3DxWare 10. Driver update may be required. 8 section radial menu not available on macOS.

Includes a Handy Case

When you're on the go with your mobile workstation, shifting places frequently while requiring safeguarding for your mobile gadget, we've thoughtfully added a small, lightweight case. This case boasts a sturdy exterior, providing protection for your SpaceMouse Wireless.

One driver serves multiple devices.

3DxWare 10 acts as the unified driver for all of your 3Dconnexion gadgets. Its straightforward yet robust interface simplifies the customization of all your 3Dconnexion tools to ensure optimal performance.

Seamless 3D navigation at an advanced level, no matter where you are.

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