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Keyboard Pro with Numpad

Effortless Precision and Efficiency at Your Fingertips!

The 3Dconnexion Keyboard Pro is designed for efficient creation of 3D models and professional designs, with its detachable numpad and compact width promoting comfortable and natural posture. It features twelve programmable keys that conveniently grant access to frequently used app-specific commands, saving time and enhancing focus.

Programmable wireless numpad

The 3Dconnexion Numpad Pro is a wireless or Bluetooth-enabled device with nine programmable keys, including four 3Dconnexion keys for quick access to frequently used application-specific commands. It has long-lasting batteries that can be recharged via USB connection to your computer.

Precise and effortless typing

The keyboard and numpad have ergonomically shaped concave keycaps for comfortable typing. They offer a pleasant feel, accurate keystrokes, stability, and minimal resistance. The laser-etched keycaps ensure long-lasting printing.

Advanced wrist support

The 3Dconnexion Keyboard Pro has a full-sized palm rest for reduced wrist fatigue. Its design lets you position it comfortably on your desk, and foldout feet allow for a 4.3-degree angle adjustment.

Secure Connectivity

The use of a physical wired connection and encrypted communication between the keyboard and numpad guarantees a strong level of security that fulfills the demands of enterprise customers. With the keyboard's built-in receiver, you can effortlessly and conveniently connect all your 3Dconnexion wireless devices, resulting in a tidy and organized workspace.

Personalize your desktop setup

With the additional numeric keypad, you have the freedom to customize your desktop arrangement by positioning your CadMouse and SpaceMouse exactly how you prefer, aligning them with your specific tasks and preferences.

The keys on the 3Dconnexion keyboard adjust themselves based on the specific application you are using.

This keyboard has 12 extra function keys placed above the regular keys. It quickly identifies the software you’re working with and its settings. The frequently used commands are automatically assigned to these special keys, allowing you to access them directly. Additionally, you have the flexibility to customize the 3Dconnexion keys according to your own preferences. A visual display on the screen constantly shows you which commands are assigned to each key.

Better posture. Better workflow.

Ideal mouse position

The keyboard is designed to be full-sized, but it can be made narrower by removing the numpad. This feature enables you to position your mouse or pen more comfortably and maintain a relaxed posture for your shoulders, forearms, and hands.

Simultaneous numpad and mouse usage

When you need to enter numbers frequently, you can simultaneously use both the CadMouse and Numpad Pro without the need to constantly switch your hand between the mouse and keyboard. This allows for a faster and more convenient workflow.

Enhance Your Design Workflow with the 3Dconnexion Keyboard Pro

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3Dconnexion Keyboard Pro

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3Dconnexion Keyboard Pro

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3Dconnexion Numpad Pro

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