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CadMouse Pro Wireless

The precision ergonomic mouse for CAD professionals

CadMouse Pro Wireless is  designed specifically for the modern CAD professional. It is a full-size mouse. Purpose built to be extremely comfortable over long CAD sessions, it feels completely organic, with ergonomic features that reduce muscle and tendon discomfort. Better for your health when compared to any other CAD Mouse.

Benefits of the CadMouse Pro Wireless

The button for CAD professionals

The middle mouse button is designed specifically for CAD users who require a third button to access their application functions. It uses almost 60g less force than a scroll wheel click, making it ideal for CAD applications.

More comfort, less strain

Designed with an angled shape, CadMouse Pro Wireless creates a more natural hand posture. This reduces the muscle and tendon discomfort usually encountered with a traditional mouse.

The ideal thumb rest

Adding to its slanted shape, the incurvated thumb rest gives thumbs an ergonomically natural place to hold onto the mouse and easy access to its side buttons.


Concave button shape

The three main buttons of CadMouse Pro Wireless offer a concave design, designed to guide the fingertips to their best positioning, for an organic, natural feel.

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