Fast & accurate quotations for injection molds by Cadflow

QUICKQUOTE is advanced software used to streamline quotation and budgeting of mold manufacturing. 

  • Categorization and specification of costs

  • Help in defining moving elements and automatic detection of negative zones

  • Automatic creation of commercial documentation records

  • Quick and easy definition of moving elements and molding zones

  • Dynamic adjustment of component and plate dimensions

  • Automatic detection of “ribs” and other details

The easiest way to create precise, quick & complete quotations for injection moulds!

The benefits of using QUICKQUOTE


Instant quotes

With QUICKQUOTE, after choosing the 3D model of a part and specifying initial parameters, a value is instantly calculated based on the part’s features and user preferences. Any adjustment to the parameters immediately updates the final value, making it easy to compare mold designs and instantly quote customers.


Accurate results

The use of 3D models combined with automated detection of moving elements provides a realistic representation of the industrial environment in which a project will be developed. This allows QUICKQUOTE to produce highly accurate and consistent results every time.


Easy geometry import

QUICKQUOTE allows the import of part geometry in STL format. The universality of this format ensures that models are easily and quickly introduced into the budgeting system. This makes the process instant and dynamic.


Automatic documentation

QUICKQUOTE automatically generates preliminary sketches and diagrams representing the molds’ moving elements. This provides a clear idea of the work that needs to be done. Additionally, it increases the level of trust between suppliers and customers.


Easy customization

QUICKQUOTE comes pre-installed with average material and hourly costs of jobs. This means budgeting work can start immediately without complex customizations. Converting existing budgeting forms and reports to automated QUICKQUOTE documentation can be done with almost no effort.

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